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Canada is known for it's cultural diversity, laid back attitude and good people. It is a safe country and should provide a pretty care free experience. No matter what your particular taste is, you can most likely find it here.

The landscape throughout the country is impressive. Excellent ski/snowboard conditions and terrain in the west brings people from all around the world. Many people who visit Whistler (British Columbia) never leave.

Gigantic trees some 15m around can be found in British Columbia as well, and needless to say are quite the sight.

Canada is home to Niagara falls, one of the seven natural wonders of the world. Worth checking out for sure.

If your main objective is to ski/snowboard, plan your travel anywhere between November to March. These are colder months. For other outdoor activities - warmer out door activities - taking photos or sightseeing, come between May and August.

Oh, and if riding a rollercoaster in a mall sounds cool, go to Edmonton Mall.

Dominican Republic

Full Body Massage for 8$ (CDN) on the beach

Cabarete »

Relaxed, yet thrilling atmosphere, great people and excellent pool halls! But let's get to the main reason people come to Cabarete...Kite Surfing! Kite surfers, paddle boarders and surfers alike flock here. The wind at Kite Beach, Cabarete, makes great kiting almost year round. Need to go somewhere? Not a problem! moto taxis are EVERYWHERE and will take you pretty much anywhere for 40 pesos, or $1CDN. Need laundry done? No problem! Drop your laundry at the mat across from Janets market, pick it up tomorrow, fresh and folded. Buying transportation couldn't be easier. You can buy a moto for roughly $300 CDN, or buy an OFFICIAL bike for $650 CDN. No license. No insurance. Gas is extremely cheap. The nightlife is always good along the beach of Cabarete, as you will always find people travelling from every part of the world...many of which end up staying! Looking to slow down your life and enjoy the smaller/finer things while sharpening your edge on the waves?...we'll see you in Cabarete!

Best Bar in Cabarete - KAHUNAS Bar & Grille
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Best Steak In Town - CHURASCO - Alis Surf Camp
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Dont't Get Ripped Off! Go See Chicco.
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Rogue Fitness - Stay Healthy While Travelling
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Sosua Beach- A little Piece of Paradise
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Spend The Afternoon in The Blue Lagoon
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Splash Around With Locals + Nature Hike
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You Gotta Eat Here - The Chicken Shack
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Sosua »

Men playing dominos, life-like paintings, mountains in the foreground, snorkeling, a glass bottom boat and locals splashing in the water...yup...that's Sosua beach.

Friendly people coupled with a relaxed environment. However, white people can stand out as locals see you as $$$. Expect to be haggled with and negotiated, at times, quite persistently.

But to be honest, you can bring your own bottle of Brugal (local rum) and plant yourself in the sand and enjoy what the beach has to offer. It's pretty relaxed.

Night time however is a different story. Prostitution is very common so beware. Even that dance might cost you a few pesos.

Sosua also has a good supermarket (on the pricier side) which offers a lot.

Sunday is also the busiest day on the beach. there are lotsa youngsters playing. If you happen to have a football, you just made a lot of friends.

BBQ Paradise - Big D's Place
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Clear Water Snorkeling $5
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Full Body Massage for 8$ (CDN) on the beach
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Scuba Diving with Pablo
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Try Some Authentic Style Food For Cheap- MOFONGO
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Venice (Venezia) »

Venice is certainly a romantic destination. Coupled with live music and out of this world architecture, you can enjoy just being there. Venice has a great atmosphere.

Venice is famous for its streets made of water. If you leave without taking a canal boat tour is a gondola you really missed out. Not every day you can cruise through such a city in your very own boat.

Biking around would not be a good option. There are lots of stairs and bridges to pass. Perfect place for taking photos though. As you work around the maze-like pathways you can find some very elegant eateries.

The architecture is extravagant. Even the walkways are extravagant. A place of high detail and specialty like workmanship.

You may see a few vendors selling very interesting masks used in "the carnival of venice". A carnival of design and elegance showcasing Venetian culture.

You can expect a lot of other tourists and tourism stuff near the water front. Search further in city to dive into the culture.