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Recent college graduate working with non-profit Partners Relief and Development in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Looking to also backpack across SE Asia after my commitment is finished.


Laos is tranquil, exotic, and full of adventure. It's a backpackers paradise as it's inexpensive and offers a multitude of attractions such as: wild life tours, hill tribe trekking, beautiful Buddhists waats, and tons of memorobilia from past wars. Experience the laid back "sabai sabai" culture that is Laos.

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Luang Prabang is a city full of charm, adventure, culture, and colorful people and places. Luang Prabang has rightfully received the nickname "Jewel of the Mekong." It's a city where the old beautifully meets the new. Some of the must do items include: making your way to the night market for beautiful and bright local products, delicious street food, and fruit shakes, going to Tad Sei Waterfall, elephant jungle tours, canopy ziplines, kayaking the Mekong and trekking to Hilltribe Villages. Luang Prabang should be a top spot on your backpacking trek because there are a variety of options from guest houses to resorts and hotels, or traditional Lao food to European options... Luang Prabang has something for everyone!

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Nong Khiaw is the perfect spot to rest, relax, and recuperate from your back packing journey. You can get here by songtaew or boat, although songtaew is much faster. Nong Khiaw provides breath taking river and mountain views. Highlights include: Tubing, hill tribe trekking, fishing, and cave exploration. Tiger Guides has a small office and is a great resource for adventure seekers.

Find a guest house on the river, sit in your hammock, relax under your mosquito net, eat a hearty meal at Delilah's and enjoy your time in Nong Khiaw. It's the perfect resting spot for travel weary backpackers with easy access to Luang Prabang. It's beautiful, tranquil, small, and one of my favorite places in Northern Laos.

Nong Khiaw
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Phongsali is a beautiful mountain town in Northern Laos. There are plenty of trekking opportunities with companies as well as motor bike rentals to do some of your own exploring. Obviously. The more rural you are, the less people speak English. Be ready to pay for wifi at cafes or restaurants. Getting here could potentially be tricky as it can be about a 6 hour or more bus ride on unpaved roads. Pay the extra money for a first class or over night bus. One of the high lights of Phonsali is the beautiful temple that over looks the whole town and surrounding mountain areas. It's a 500 step climb to the top but it is worth it. Although a little off the beaten path, Phongsali offers plenty of adventure.

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Udomxai is a metropolitan hub for Northern Laos with a distinct Chinese influence. It possesses a much more industrial feel than smaller traditional backpacking destinations. Hill tribe treks and off roading adventures still abound despite the metropolitian feel. Keep an eye out for the many Chinese restaurants and grocery stores which often operate on a "point and order" basis as well as the traditional Lao noodle shops which abound in every city.