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Costa Rica

Quite a tropical paradise in a unique region of the world, Costa Rica enjoys a very naturally rich environment across the country. Having two oceans bathing its beaches, tropical rain forests giving shadow to all species in the territory, and plenty of volcanoes, people can really get to enjoy nature while interacting with it. Costa Rican people are also very friendly and welcoming, and they speak English! Don't be surprised when invited to grab a coffee at their place, especially in rural areas. Transportation can be a bit messy, mostly in the city, but you can still move around the country easily by renting a car or using the efficient Costa Rican bus system. As we Costa Ricans like to say all the time: pura vida! (used for tons of possible conversations: from hello to goodbye, from all is good to see you tomorrow and from my pleasure to enjoy), and get ready to go tropical in an eco-travel destination.