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I start backpacking when I was very young with my family. I've seen 52 countries so far. Asia is always giving me some crazy emotions! I met wonderful backpackers there, worked, hitchhiked and fall in love with the culture and the nature. Once you start backpacking you can't go back. My top 3 lists so far: 1) Cambodia 2) India 3) Turkey.



Cambodia is a wonderful place if you look for adventures, great locals markets and a warm and polite population, that is normally always happy to give you a hint or an advice.
Few personal insights:
1) Bus service works great in the country, while train might not be the best solution (however if you are a little bit persistent you might be able to try the adventure of traveling on a cargo train)
2) Less touristic than Thailand, which means also less expensive.
3) There are various cooking lessons of Khmer food around the country if you are a cooking lover
4) Amazing little paradise for BP situated in the south coast, called Sihanouksville. If you run out of money you can stop there and easily found a job as a waiter etc.
5) Be careful in crossing the border from Thailand to Cambodia. Some cities on the border are a little bit dangerous and it can be a problem to find a "real bus", cross during the day.


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