Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt Travel Guide

by Matfromtexas on August 22, 2014

Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt Travel Guide

Over recent years, Sharm el-Sheikh has become one of the most popular holiday destinations in Egypt, with stunning desert scenery bordering the town, warm, sunny weather almost year-round, and the legendary Pyramids of Giza just an excursion away. But holidays to Sharm el-Sheikh are not just about pyramids and camel tours, they are also known for its unspoilt natural wonders that will definitely surprise first-time tourists. Indeed, there are many more reasons to visit this coastal town on the southern tip of the Sinai Peninsula. Here are a just a few of them.
Coral seas
One of the best and most catered for activities in Sharm el-Sheikh is exploring the corals of the Red Sea. Whether snorkelling is your thing or you prefer to scuba dive, the crystal clear waters directly off the coast will reward you with warm temperatures, great visibility, abundant marine life and colourful coral reefs. You can swim directly from the beach or join a boat out to the many attractive diving and snorkelling location s further out to sea.
Water sports
It’s not just below the waves that fun can be had in Sharm el-Sheikh; it is also renowned for the quality of its water sports, with windsurfing, kayaking and kite surfing all popular activities.
Bedouin adventure
There’s nothing quite like camping in the desert in a traditional Bedouin tent. From Sharm you can experience traditional Egyptian hospitality, with a feast and entertainment, before retiring to a candlelit tent. You can even travel to your overnight spot on a camel, if you wish.
Mount Sinai
It not often you get the chance to visit the mountain said to be the spot where Moses received the Ten Commandments, but from Sharm el-Sheikh it just a couple of hours. The views from the summit are spectacular, while the monastery at the base is said to be the oldest Christian monastery in the world. How’s that for history?
Most travellers will find something to entice them to Sharm el-Sheikh. This universal appeal is one of the reasons why it has soared in popularity, along with the great value of staying in Sharm el-Sheikh and the ease with which holidaymakers can now get there. It’s a destination definitely worth discovering for yourself.

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