Thailand travel tip: Don\'t Eat The Tuna.

by Megan of Instagram: meganryanvint on March 3, 2015

Thailand travel tip: Don\'t Eat The Tuna.

I'm not sure why I chose such an embarrassing story for my first.... but it's the most memorable and the most traumatic. While visiting a small village in Thailand (I forgot the name, but I got to stay in a treehouse) I decided to take an hour walk into the "town" with some other girls and grab dinner. During my stay in Thailand, I had horrible stomach issues... their spices don't agree with me. So I tried to find American food anywhere I could, which was hard in a village in the middle of nowhere. We found a little restaurant and I decided to order their tuna sandwich. I didn't stop to think about where they were getting the fish from, or the mayonaisse seeing as we were about five hours from any civilization or water. It took about an hour after I ate for my stomach to start reacting, and seeing as it was an hour walk back to our treehouse.... I was in trouble. it was also dark and I didn't bring a flashlight. So here I am running through a forest in complete darkness, trying to find the village.... and I crapped myself. It was a lot of fun coming up with an explanation for where my shorts went when the girls finally caught up. Needless to say, I will never eat the tuna in Thailand ever again and neither should you.... cheers.

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