Garden Daydreams - The Burgundy Region of France

by Risingravity on February 20, 2012

Garden Daydreams - The Burgundy Region of France

We entered the Burgundy county of France and I was enchanted by the white cows, the green rolling hills, and the small cottages dotting the horizon. We stayed in our French friend's brother's home in Le Creusot, in one of the most unique houses I have ever seen. It looked like a normal neighborhood townhouse built on the side of a busy street, but it was like a maze with all the rooms, the three stories, and so many doors going outside. The spiral staircase was so tiny that only about half your foot could rest on each step.

Beaune was the place we really wanted to see in this area. The drive there felt like going on the Storybook Land ride at Disneyland. It was so incredibly perfect and quaint that it was hard to believe it was even real. We drove along canals and riverboats past tiny medieval villages sitting on rolling green hills. Beaune itself was from the Middle Ages as well and boasts the first medical center for the poor in France as its main attraction. The Hospices de Beaune is from the year 1443 and is surrounded by cobblestone streets with tiny alleys, adorable shops and cafes, and clean, bright parks. We took a sightseeing tram around this beautiful town. It passed the main city park where stone angels guard acres of ancient trees, flowers, and grass. Then it continued right outside the walls of the town to vineyards where some of the most expensive wine in the world begins its life. The sweet smells of fruit and blossoming flowers inspired daydreams of secret gardens that I want to grow when I own property.

Outside the town of Beaune there are tiny villages with not much more than a few houses, a church, and a shop. They are the only thing in the landscape that isn't a vineyard as you travel down the small roads outside of town. One of these villages is called Magny-les-Villers and is the home of a good friend of our French friend named Marie. The little car worked its way up the steep hill, pulled in to Marie's B&B, Logis Saint Martin, and we stepped out. Adorable blue-eyed children greeted us with kisses and stuck with us during the tour of the B&B. Marie had just finished it and had done an absolutely wonderful job. Everything in the B&B was new, clean, simple, and pretty. We offered to watch the children as they played outside in the grass with their kitten and coloring book, and the ladies caught up on the latest gossip. Soon, we all walked across the street to drop off the children with their grandmother, Marie's sister. We ate juicy cherries off her tree and played with the children, dogs, and chickens. We had to go much too soon. As much as we longed to stay in Marie's B&B, we only planned a day trip here and had to move on. However, I know I will come back someday. I have rarely come across such a peaceful, beautiful, hidden place as her village and the town of Beaune.

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