Train From Melbourne to Geelong

by Youshouldnttalktoyourself on January 6, 2011

Sitting on the train between Melbourne and Geelong. It'll take roughly an hour to get there and then I will catch a bus to Jan Juc. A few beers in the sun with mates yesterday on the Cookie rooftop quickly escalated to shots and poker in the Toff. The Toff has these fantastic booths that you can close off from the rest of the room. Much like train carriages...

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Years ago I traveled on the Trans-Siberian railway. We began the journey in Beijing then through Ulaanbaatar (Mongolia) and into and across Russia. The company that we organised it through was called 'The Vodka Train' and boy did we drink a lot of vodka. Ergh. We would stop in tiny towns in the middle of nowhere where you could see us jumping off the train running to restock the much needed supply before the train took off and left us behind, probably never to be seen again.

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The trip lasted about three weeks ending in the beautiful city of St Petersburg, which, unlike Moscow, was bright and cheerful. Memories flood back of canals, parks and cafes with some the most gorgeous woman I have ever seen. It was a good time for a nineteen year old. That was my first trip, the one that gave me 'the bug' as they say. It was my education, and I grew up quickly.

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I've often discussed the theory of travel education. Not only do you become more independent, you also learn how to deal with the never ending problems that go hand in hand with traveling. Language barriers, thieves, lost luggage, bus break downs, I've had them all and many more. Some people deal with these issues better than others. I like to think that my problem solving skills are pretty good. Managing a club for a couple of years when I was 22 helped greatly. I had the 'manager' title so this not only came with great responsibility but also the understanding that if something is broken, you know how to fix it. It was a great time in my life and even though I had the thoughts of travel in the back of my mind, I loved every minute of it. Naturally things went wrong but that was all part of the education. The growth.

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The train passes by buildings covered in graffiti. I've seen some pretty amazing street art over the years. From Barcelona and Granada in Spain to Minsk in Belarus to New York City and San Francisco. A lot of people dislike this form but they don't realise that it's what can give a city character. It's a way that people can express themselves, to expose their art to an innumerable amount of people. What makes Melbourne such an amazing place are things like this. We pride ourselves on being 'individual' and 'arty'. There's an enormous variety of people, streets and suburbs. I could sit on Brunswick, Chapel or Fitzroy street and people watch for days. Take Venice Beach in California - The beach is nice but it's not what draws the crowds. It's the bizarre, eclectic mix of people walking, blading, riding, performing. There's never a dull moment on the Venice Beach promenade.

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I picked up a new camera on the way to the train station. Nothing fancy, just a point and shoot. It has a panoramic function so that will be interesting to experiment with. It's the third camera I have bought in the past six months. The first, which I bought a couple of days before my trip, didn't even last a week. I was sitting on a beach in Denia, Spain and got sand trapped in the lens. One week and it found itself a new home - the bin. I bought another one in a mall which lasted me a few months until I had a run in with a Colombian man with a shiny gun. He thought the camera would look better in his pocket. I agreed.

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As I was saying earlier. It's inevitable that things will go wrong whilst traveling. It's all part of the experience. I've always tried to keep my negative opinions to myself. It really annoys me when I hear someone badmouthing a city. Everyone likes different things. I got robbed in Colombia but that doesn't mean I hate the country or even the town i was in. If I really want to get emotional about it then I should direct that energy towards the guy that robbed me. He is an individual, acting individually. I didn't get hurt, it was over in a couple of minutes. It didn't effect me at all. I slept like a baby that night. It was frustrating to not have a camera but it's not the end of the world.

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People in general stress too much about the smallest of things. A car pulls out in front of me, I'll slam my hand down on the horn, that will teach them! We live extremely privileged lives that shouldn't be taken for granted. Australia has a good health system, low unemployment and great services for those who do find themselves unemployed. We grow our own vegetables and fruit. We export and don't rely on importation. Yes, the driver should have signaled before pulling into the lane, but really no harm was done. If you get that worked up about the simple things, imagine how you're going to deal with the bigger problems that you are, we all are, going to face in our lives.

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The trains pulling in. Another day, another destination. I like to fantasize, I like to remember. I like to write, I like to speak. This is how I desperately try to keep the dream alive...

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