Taxis and ATMs in Amman, Jordan

by Brian of on November 9, 2011

Taxis and ATMs in Amman, Jordan

My wife and I spent our final two nights at the end of our stay in Jordan in Amman. One day we took a taxi to the Citadel from our hotel and explored Amman on foot. The final day we took a taxi to the Dead Sea, which was well worth hiring a taxi for the day. The challenge (and fun in adventure) was getting blisters the day before.

We toured the entire Citadel (Jebel al-Qala’a) then walked down to the Roman Theatre and Forum. After touring these sites, we walked west toward a major local market adjacent to the Nymphaeum. We really enjoyed the lack of tourists in this area. The dust storm while we were at the Theatre probably helped quiet things down.

At this time we had been low on cash, and as backpackers basically winging it, assuming we would "bump into one" eventually. We walked around and though we did find ATMs, none of them were compatible with our banks back home. We were left with barely money for a taxi back to our hotel. Be warned that in Jordan when you find an ATM, use it!

We got tired after walking and exploring all day and decided to take a taxi back to our hotel. But because it was still light out, there were very few taxis driving by without people already filling them. We walked around for over an hour down different streets trying to find and flag a vacant taxi.

With the sun now set ,a few taxi drivers stopped and asked where we were going but refused us, driving away due to the distance to our destination and current traffic. The key thing here is being patient, it may take 30 min to get an empty taxi, but stay put on a busy road and you will get one. My error was wearing sandals all day and trying to hunt taxis on other roads. Worst blisters ever between my toes. The dip in the Dead Sea the next day stung, then numbed, then made me think, "I love travelling!".

We would definitely go back to Jordan. Great people and great adventure.

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by Mark
About 6 years ago

Wow, I never seen a beheading, not even looked at the ISIS videos. I come from Europe, a place where the state does not have the right to execute you since the middle ages. Did you know that giving up Islam - apostate, as well as blasphemy are both death sentenced in Saudi Arabia? How ethical do you think this is?

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