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How to Cruise Alaska for Cheap

by Lessliex on July 14, 2014

How to Cruise Alaska for Cheap

Imagine crisp sea air, a warm sunshine, and astounding landscapes of mountains and jutting glaciers as you glide almost soundlessly through the icy hills on a cruise ship. There are many cruise operators, such as Celebrity Cruises, who provide this once-in-a-lifetime travel experience sailing around Alaska.

The United States' most northern state, Alaska offers thousands of miles of natural and scenic coastline. There is no other place like it on Earth. This amazing destination boasts looming mountains, enormous glaciers, still waterways and miles of rainforest mixed with Arctic tundra.

What to see in Alaska

Itineraries to see this breath-taking destination will change depending on tour operator or time of year, so this is a general overview of the most popular options and areas of taking a cruise around Alaska, along with things not to be missed!

Inside Passage

This is a calm, scenic route which crosses between Pacific Coast islands and slips along a sheltered waterway. Many sailings begin in Seattle and end in Canada, calling at Icy Strait, Haines, Petersburg, Juneau, Skagway and Ketchikan, along the way.

Expedition Cruises

A truly exciting way to see Alaska is on a smaller expedition ship which focuses on nature and wildlife. These smaller carriers can travel where the huge cruise liners can't, into tiny inlets and little villages. There are also options for rafting, kayaking and hiking trips so you can get closer to glaciers and wildlife.


An unmissable part of any Alaskan cruise, the majestic glaciers protruding from the icy seas must be seen to be believed. The Hubbard Glacier in eastern Alaska, for example, is so enormous that experts predict it may one day dam an entire fjord.

Glacier Bay, in south eastern Alaska, is so spectacular that it has been proclaimed a National US monument and UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve - their largest in the world. Its miles of beautiful glaciers, with lagoons, islands and channels, are all breath-taking and visible from your cruise vessel.

Cruising in Alaska is truly a once in a lifetime experience, and the landscapes will take your breath away. Don't miss an amazing opportunity to see this beautiful scenery in style.

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