Budget Surfing in Australia

by Mattfromtexas on September 4, 2013

Budget Surfing in Australia

Australia is a paradise for surfers that provide with the hottest surfing spots in whole world to tourists. Even though, you may find surfing spots all along the southern coast and at all major coastal cities of Australia, but the trip and stay is usually very costly. If you are looking to save money on your surfing trip to Australia, you need to create a well developed plan about your budget, the city you are travelling to, your accommodation and places from where you want to eat and drink. A careful planning and research into the different surfing spots can save you a good amount of money.

Budget Plan

You can start with booking your airline ticket well in advance. This can help you in saving hundreds of dollars if compared to normal fares. Visit different tourism sites in Australia and compare their prices. Make some calls and try to negotiate a deal. As businesses need money desperately nowadays, your negotiation skills can also save you some money.


There are some good hotels with reasonable prices in Sydney as well as in Perth, the two great cities to surf. Beside affordable hotels, there are some other cheaper alternates for accommodation like hostels but there is another option for free, couchsurfing. Register on the website and send messages to people in the cities like Sydney, Perth and Melbourne. You will definitely find a place to stay during your surfing trip for free. With more than 3 million members, the concept is becoming more and more popular among travelers.

If you are shy of meeting strangers, you can make some direct calls to hotels and learn about latest deals and prices. If interested in hotels, book well in advance to save some money and to take advantage of cheaper deals. You can search for the best deals at Hotelscan. It scans and compares prices in hotels and other accommodations in more than 15000 cities all over the world. So, it’s not a problem to find a host in Sydney, Perth and Melbourne or any other city. Use Hotelscan to find the cheapest prices for the best accommodations.


Eating from restaurants and hotels is often very costly. Expense on food and drinks can consume a big portion of your allocated budget. A good cheap option is to buy your food from grocery store. You may find restaurants and bars very expensive especially at tourist spots in Australia. Grocery stores are the best source for cheap food and drinks.

Surf Rents and Camps

Now, this is the biggest money saving opportunity for surfers. There are many online surf camps with a range of prices, features, and teaching facilities. You can do some online research to find the cheapest possible surf camps in different cities. For me, the starting point of your low budget traveling plan is to search for the cheapest surf camp in any of the city. Once you know where to travel, book your airline ticket to the place, look for accommodation and cheap food sources around the surf camp you are planning to visit.

You can find surf camps that provide accommodation, instructors, food and surfing equipment for whole week for the price that ranges from $300 to $1000. The difference between the expensive and cheap surf camps is the ratio of students per instructor and the number of people staying together in a room. For a cheaper surf camp, you may have to live with 4 to 5 surfers in a room in hostel or dorms. Similarly, seven or eight surfers may have one instructor for their surfing classes.
If you are surfing in Sydney, there is a lot to explore for FREE beside your surfing adventure. Visit opera house and Sydney Harbour Bridge in your free time. If you can have more free time, reserve one day for visiting the Botanical Garden.

Australia, especially Sydney is a great place to visit and surf. A little research into deals offered by surfing camps, accommodation, and raveling expenses can save you a good amount of money. Online travel sites make a lot easier for surfers where you can find all details about accommodation, facilities, and everything you want to know from your bedroom in New York.       

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by Josefmarke Rewnes
About 6 years ago

Australian owned at you can compare, book and save up to 70% at over 460,000 hotel accommodation options world wide and more than 7,000 in Australia. The Search is Over!

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by Rhea
About 6 years ago

Hi - could you share some advice on the campsites you stayed at in Tassie?

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