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Get Ready for a Race on Queenstown's Luge

by Chrisie of on February 15, 2012

Get Ready for a Race on Queenstown's Luge

We decided while we were in Queenstown to try out Skyline’s Luge and let our competitive sides out. You can choose how many rides on the track you want to do when checking in before you hit the gondola. We decided to go with three, so off we went.

Taking the trip up in the Skyline gondola provided some amazing views looking back down on Queenstown and Lake Wakatipu. We gained some height before arriving at the top of the gondola but yet it was the bottom of the Luge tracks. We headed up past their restaurant and gift shop to grab a helmet and then jumped on to the chair lift to take us to the start of the Luge course. We did the scenic track first which allows you to get used to riding on their purpose built karts. We were talked through how to control them which was straight forward enough. Then we were off, racing down the track, swerving round a slower kart on the track, building speed and leaning into the corners so as to not lose too much momentum, feeling the need to duck as you headed for a tunnel, but of course you didn’t--it was big enough--and finally smiling through the photo finish.

Round two, after having a look at our photos from the previous race which showed on film how close your competitor was, or how close you were to them. We hitched another ride on the chair lift to the top. This time the race was on, and we were set on the advanced track. It was so much faster as the track was steeper and bends were tighter, certainly making it more interesting. I didn’t expect to get any air when I went over one hill, but their camera was set to catch it on film. It was a good race but Rich narrowly overtook me, bumping me out of the way just short of the finish line. Next race was going to be different; he wasn’t going to get past me this time. He didn’t! I got into the lead at the start line and held my position all the way to the end.

Once is never enough, as Skyline's tag line reads. You definitely want more than one race, and I could have easily done it all over again. I’ve definitely got the bug. If you fancy trying it, check it out at

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