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The Shotover Jet - Exhilaration at Its Best

by Chrisie of on February 22, 2012

The Shotover Jet - Exhilaration at Its Best

One of the best things we have done while in Queenstown, New Zealand is the Shotover Jet. We jetted down thin canyons at fast speeds, narrowly missing the massive rocks and boulders. Our driver, Quinn pulled unbelievable 360 degree spins in the middle of this not-so-wide canyon. You really needed to hold on; as you were spun round so fast it felt like you would fall out. Thankfully we got a warning signal so we knew when the spins were coming. Although our driver teased us a little, making us think the spin was about to happen, but then nothing, and a moment or two later would send us into a 360 just when we least expected it.

The control they had over the boat was amazing; they really knew the dimensions of their boats and knew exactly what they could do. Being in their boat made you feel like you were in a computer game, narrowly missing the obstacles in your path. We were sure we were going to hit the sides of the canyon, as we got so close, but we never did. The skill of the driver, I guess.

It seemed crazy how shallow the water was that they were able to operate in. It definitely made it more exhilarating, as you were thinking to yourself the boat won’t fit through there; or, it’s too shallow; there’s not enough water to go that way; but of course it did and there always was. I think I picked the best seat as I didn’t seem to get as wet as a few others in our boat. Even Quinn, our driver, had to keep wiping his face and steering wheel with a towel, which made you feel better as even he was getting wet, all part of the fun.

It’s a must do, it’s like nothing else, and I have been in lots of boats all my life, including being behind the wheel of them myself. It definitely gives you a thrill, speeding down high-sided canyons, being spun round so fast you forget which direction you started in and getting so close you feel you are going to hit something, over and over again. The photos and video were available at the end, and it was great to see the expressions on everyone’s faces during all of the cool stunts that the modern jet boats can perform. Check it out at

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