Bolivian Salt Flats Tour - 4 Days from Tupiza to Uyuni

by Nastasia5001 on May 18, 2011

Bolivian Salt Flats Tour - 4 Days from Tupiza to Uyuni

We arrived at Tupiza at 4am, and went for this night to the hostel Valle Hermoso. The only dormitory available was a horrible bed for 20 Bolivianos. The toilet was sooooo disgusting. There aren't a lot of choices at four in the morning, so we just stayed there to finish our night. A stupid guy works there. I wouldn't stay there.

The next day, we were on a mission to find a place to do laundry, because in Tupiza nobody has a dryer. When the weather is humid, you can't dry anything by the next day. So I didn’t wash my clothes. I had only dirty clothes and had to leave for a four-day tour. Disgusting.

We had lunch in a nice little restaurant. We had the menu of the day--soup for starter; pollo, rice and French fries for the main dish; and a banana for desert. All of this was only 18 Bolivianos.

In the afternoon, we looked for an agency to do our four-day trip to Uyuni. The more persons you are, the less expensive it is. A jeep fits five people max, plus the driver/guide and the chef. We found an agency called Tupiza Tour to do the four days for 1,000 Bolivianos. Our guide was called Freddy, a very nice guy who knows a lot about his country.


On the first day, we got up at 7am to be able to take a nice shower before our four-day trip without showers. We had a quick breakfast at El Garage in front of Tupiza Tour and had some toast, tea and banana liquid.

We should have left at 8:30am, but because gas stations had been closed for a few days, this Wednesday, the line at the pump was long. We finally left at 10:30am.

Our group included an Argentinean couple, a Swiss guy, Dave and me, Freddy, the guide, and the cook. We drove through amazing landscapes, stopping whenever we wanted to walk or take pictures. At 2pm we made a stop to picnic in the middle of donkeys and llamas. It was so great--a nice and sunny day. It was a little cold but with warm clothes, it wasn't a problem.

In the afternoon, we continued our way to Lagoon Morejon. This entire place used to be in the ocean millions of year ago, but with all the volcanic activity, these lands have been elevated. The volcanoes are now inactive and their tops snow-capped. We were in Bolivia in the summer season. During the day, it was 10°C and at night, -10°C.

We slept our first night in a house in the middle of nowhere with the five of us in the same room. Some family who lives in the countryside rented a room for a night to earn some money. It is a simple room without a heater, so I had to sleep with my legging, jeans, and three jumpers in my sleeping bag with four covers on top of me. It was very cold.

For dinner, our chef cooked us a soup with meat and vegetables.


On the second day, we got up at 5am to get ready, have breakfast, and leave. It was the best day, so beautiful. The landscape was just amazing. There is nothing to say except that is was exceptional, amazing, incredible, and wonderful. We passed lagoons, volcanoes, mountains, geysers, and lots of colorful landscapes.

We stopped to have lunch at an amazing place where you can stay in a natural hot bath. We had our second lunch there--soups, pasta with Bolognese and apple. In the afternoon, we visited the Laguna Verde, then Desierto de Dali, then the Geysers Sol de Manana.

Our second night was in a little village with a few houses. All tour groups stayed here, not like the night before where we were the only ones. It was another cold night. But this time, with all my clothes, I wasn’t cold. It was also a little warmer than the night before.


On the third day, we got up at 6am and had a nice breakfast--pancakes. We took the road to Laguna Colorada, an amazing pink color with lots of flamingo. Afterwards, we headed to the desert with Arbol de Pierdras. There are so many different landscapes and colors.

We had lunch in front of the Laguna Canapa, a very peaceful place. After lunch, we had to drive almost four hours, taking a different route because of the rainy season. This scenery wasn’t as interesting as the rest of the trip. We arrived in Uyuni around 5pm. The city is not amazing but finally, for the first time in three days, we could go to the cash machine and have a shower.

Dinner was in the hostel.


On the final day, we got up at 5am to see the sunset in the Salar de Uyuni, an amazing place. When I was there, it was the rainy season and the salt flats were covered with 10cm of water. We could see the reflection of the sun, the clouds, and the sky, which was amazing.

We had our breakfast in the Hotel de Sal at the entrance to the salt flats and then made lots of crazy and funny pictures. We headed back to Uyuni to drop off the Argentinean couple. The tour finishes in Uyuni but you can return to Tupiza in the jeep if you pay 50 Bolivianos more. It is around a five-hour drive with still beautiful landscapes.

We arrived around 7pm in Tupiza and rented a room in the Hotel Mitru, an amazing place when you have spent three months in dormitories and dirty places with shared bathrooms. It was 160 Bolivianos for a double room. It was a great night.

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by Nicole
About 6 years ago

Hi - what was the name of the place you stayed? I'm looking for a similar experience in Bolivia!

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