Quito, Misunderstood in Her Beauty

by Higgy on September 1, 2011

Quito is a beautiful city that many don't take the chance to get to know. If you learn to love her as a city, then you will find yourself wanting to learn so much more about Quito's culture and sights. Below is a list of things you might considering doing in Quito.  

Mitad del Mundo ("Middle of the Earth")
We found out after we left the site that the monument is off by a bit, so find the real equator. My group was quite bummed to find this out after we had spent a whole day on the good bus system they have getting to and from Quito to the site, to find out that it wasn't the real equator.

Teleferico Gondola Lift
Teleferico is the highest gondola ride in the world. Take the lift when skies are clear to view the majestic beauty of Quito and her surrounding cities and volcanoes. We took a chance and did this in the late afternoon. No one was there, so we had the whole mountaintop to ourselves.

Finn McCool's Irish Pub
Finn McCool’s has a really cool bar game were you make a team and compete against others in the bar. It is a chance to meet awesome, friendly people from all over the world.

Cotopaxi National Park and Volcano
We drove to Cotopaxi, hiked to roughly 19,000 feet elevation, ate lunch at a mountain refuge, and mountain biked down. All downhill biking was a blast! We booked our excursion through a place called Gulliver’s Travels, I believe, and we have no complaints. The guide was very knowledgeable and made our trip a blast. He cooked a fantastic meal from a quick stop at what looked like a 7-11 in the United States.

Quito's Historic Old Town
The historic district, the pride of Quito, is the cultural capital of South America.

Presidential Palace
We visited Ecuador's "White House" and ended up getting a free tour and picture of this awe-inspiring building.  


El Panecillo Hill
El Panecillo was very intriguing because it was one of the last things we did. Over our stay in Quito, we couldn’t help but look up at this statue and wonder about what happened? Who or what is it of? Why is it so important to them? Go and you will find out.

In Quito, we stayed at Nu House Hotel, a first class accommodations hotel. Anything as far as hostels around there are good too. As a general rule, we tried to stay close to our hotel every night because we heard a lot of stories about people having hard times in La Mariscal, also known as "Gringo Alley" by the locals. Overall, Quito is a must-see city that will amaze and leave you wanting more if you give her a chance.

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by Laura
About 6 years ago

What was the name of this hostel Mattimperial?

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by darli
About 7 years ago

Hi Akanksha, how did you get on with your hiking? Can you recommend a tour company and rates? I had not planned on being in ecuador so im a little unprepared and would like go go to cotopaxi or at least get to some mountains without too much effort planning.. And suggestions most welcome. cheers

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by akanksha
About 7 years ago

Hi, I need some advice! It'll be great if you could help :) I'm planning to go to Quito on 10th feb. I'm wondering if it will be ok for me to climb the cotopaxi on 11th feb itself ? Keeping in mind the acclimatization etc. Also, what tour company did you use ? I'm trying to book in advance. Thanks!Akanksha

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