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The Salt island
by Helenfowler369 about 6 years ago
The Salt island

If you're for the real adventure nn the island of Sal, Cape Verde .. Stick to locals ! & live as them.
Transportation definetly use the local transport microbus or hitch hike, there are 2 main roads connecting the 3 main cities on the island of Sal (Palmeira, Espargos and Santa maria), 1 euro each way between the cities.
Now you'de probably like to crash somewhere, well you always have your tent, set it up somewhere on the island, it's legal, or you can book an hotel room, as for me, you can always ask locals to stay with, though not all are dependable, you can visit the church on a Sunday morning in Espargos and ask the community over there for accomedation, you get it for free they're great, besides you can go singing in the choirs with them and camping once a month with them
I'de definetly recommend las Salinas and the old town of Santa Maria and Espargos to see and not bad idea to ask locals to fish with in Palmeira (free food and saving expensive toursity excursions)