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Robben Island

Robben Island Headaches
by Fel1729 about 9 years ago
Robben Island Headaches

Robben Island was on my list when I knew I'd be in Cape Town. The history of this island is something I knew almost nothing about.

Unfortunately, I didn't learn much, as I didn't get much time on the island.

We bought tickets for the 1pm ferry (bonus tip: ALWAYS buy tickets for the tour at least a day in advance.) We waited to board our ferry...and waited...and waited. At 2pm, we were excitedly walking the docks. After a few pushes, we were settled. And again we around 2:45pm, we left..

We made it a few hundred yards when suddenly, the ferry turned around.

We were then told we had to wait for the next available boat.

We left once more at 3:45pm; we landed at the island around 4:30pm. We were given a very short tour and thrown onto a return ferry by 5:15pm.

Cold, hungry, tired, frustrated, and almost as ignorant about the country's history as before, I cracked open my laptop upon return to my room on the mainland.

MORAL OF THE STORY: Book an early ferry.