Kampala, Uganda

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Travelling to Uganda Tips
by Mutasa of facebook.com/juma.brush.3 about 7 years ago
Travelling to Uganda Tips

Travel Tips and Advice Information for Travelers & Tourists to Uganda

Travel to anywhere can be stressful and wear one out rather quickly and often a traveler is ill informed as to what to expect in Uganda. Uganda is Africa and Africa no matter what your background or your country of origin is different. Words may mean one thing in your country they mean another. If someone wants to take you to saloon here, it is not for a drink but to get your hair done. This Uganda Travel Tips and Advice page is to make your time here an enjoyable and remember to laugh, keep your sense of humor, put away your schedule at times and remember that relationships are more important than 20 minutes. Enjoy Uganda and read Uganda Travel Tips and Advice…from Kampala…jon

Uganda will be a life changing experience, no matter if you are coming as a business traveler, short term volunteer, or going on a Safari