Battambang, Cambodia

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What to do in Battambang
by Spudlou about 7 years ago

I found Battambang itself an unremarkable town. But found hidden charms when I rented a bike and explored along the river, being able to see daily life, temples and quiet spots. It is so worth getting a tuk tuk tour out into the beautiful countryside (it's cheap too of course and our driver was lovely and so informative). You can see the haunting Killing Caves, with it's peaceful pagodas and monks creating a respectful memorial to the dead. The old temple on top of the hill can also be seen as part of the tour and is pretty cool. Around Battambang you can also get a bamboo train, it was a cool novelty, maybe don't go out of your way to do it! The trip between Battambang and Siem Reap was one of my favourite parts, I would really recommend doing it by boat. We saw fascinating glimpses of a Venice-esque Cambodia, where people live in houses built on water and get around by little boats.

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by Sadubbelne about 7 years ago

When in Cambodia, most people travel from Siem Reap to Battambang by car, but I am so happy I took the boat. It smells, is noisy and the journey takes up to eight hours, but it has been one of my best travel experiences so far. You get a special insight in the lives the people in water villages live. Very special!