Bai Shui Tai, China

What to See

Limestone Terraces

Still the Best Kept Secret in Yunnan
by Collinhawkins about 7 years ago
Still the Best Kept Secret in Yunnan

The limestone terraced pools in Bai Shui Tai are the perfect place to lay low for a day. I've twice taken the bus from Shangrila, and the view on the ride is incredible. The first little guesthouse when you get to the tiny town (I forgot the name) has little cottages behind it. They're affordable, though rustic. The meals are okay, not great. The views from this sleepy little village are incredible, and it's small enough and off the beaten track, so only a few backpackers will be there at any given time. No Chinese tourists, which is a blessing after the crowded, loud, gaudy streets of Li Jiang, and the bus vapors at TLG.

The terraces themselves are really cool. Not as beautiful as those in Sichuan, but they are FAR more accessible. You can actually walk around in them, and there's guaranteed to only be 3-4 other people (max) sharing the experience at the same time. A real rare gem in Yunnan.