Beijing, China

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What to Eat

Street Food

Food in Beijing
by Lucialaviajera about 5 years ago

Beijing has some of the most amazing restaurants and cafes in the world. On every corner of every street there is at least two restaurants and several more down the road. No matter what type of cuisine you are in the mood for you will find it within five minutes.
Highlights of Beijing cuisine include Hot Pot and Peking Duck, both of which can be enjoyed no matter what your budget is. Don't forget to try the various delicacies along Dongzhimen Night Market in Wangfujing, nor the street vendors located everywhere in Beijing.
One thing to remember with street market food is to be careful with food poisoning. Look out for dirty practises and try to keep to places where you see lots of people use them. Remember to take anti-sickness medication just to be on the safe side.

One last thing to remember with food in Beijing - try everything at least once.

Suggested Itineraries

4 To 7 Days

Marco Polo Parkside Hotel
by Lyks211 about 5 years ago

Located in Yayuncun Comercial area in Beijing. In General, this is a reasonable hotel because this is minutes from the International Airport and to top destinations in Beijing. Everything was good , the food and cleanliness. There is a lot of restaurants nearby. Staff is helpful and friendly. For the amount of traffic and noise in the area, I found this hotel to be very relaxing and comfortable. The rooms are comfortable , clean well laid out and suited for business travelers. Great place for a bit of luxury. I recommend it to all if you want to live it up. Great duck restaurant just over road, definitely worth going to. There is a restaurant complex about a block away that has over 40 places to east most of them. Breakfast buffet is good with many Asian food options

What to Avoid

Scams & Petty Theft

Watching Out for the Tea/Art Scam in Beijing
by Lucialaviajera about 5 years ago

Beijing is full of art and tea. However, the capital is also full of scammers who will use your love of both to con you out of your money. Don't fall for it -

You start your day by being approached by a Chinese person who says they would like to talk with you to help improve their English. Eventually they will ask to carry on at a tea shop or art gallery. When you get there they will get the owner to ply you with tea or the gallery owner will 'convince' (in reality they bully you) to purchase a painting. Your new friend will disappear and leave you with the bill. The owner will continue to bully you until this bill (which can run up into the hundreds of pounds/dollars) is paid. Ten minutes later, the owner and the friend will meet around the back where the friend will be paid a portion of your money before going out to snag another victim.

If you are approached, don't go to their tea shop. Instead, go to a Starbucks or other coffee shop where you can control the bill.

General Advice

Stuff to Know

Things to Know About Beijing in the Summer
by Lucialaviajera about 5 years ago

Summers in Beijing are incredibly hot. Even when you wake up really early, you will start sweating. It's not just the heat, the humidity is just as high. From personal experience, you should know these things:

Drink plenty of water: go crazy on the booze in the evenings but during the day drink, drink and drink water. Temperatures are high and you will become dehydrated quickly.

Sunscreen: apply regularly. There's no need to give yourself heatstroke. Keep applying the sunscreen regularly and wear a hat and sunglasses.

Mosquitos: remember to take some mosquito repellent with you. Come late afternoon/dusk time these annoying little bloodsuckers will be out on the lookout for tasty blood. Don't let them get you. Cover up too.

Deodorant: Just because you're sweating from the heat doesn't mean you have to smell bad. Keep a roll or spray on in your bags and apply regularly.

Getting Around Beijing With Babies and Toddlers
by Lucialaviajera about 5 years ago

If you don't have a chauffeur on hand whilst in Beijing or don't have a car, then you are going to be in trouble. The metro system takes you everywhere but if you have more than one young child you may find it difficult. Many metro stations don't have lifts or escalators, only steep stairs and no one will help you. If you have a toddler and a baby, then I recommend you purchase a light pushchair and a buggy board. This way baby can stay in the pushchair and toddler can walk when able and then stand on the buggy board when tired. Do your research and find out which metro stations do have lifts as this will help. Otherwise I recommend using taxis; taxis are quite cheap in Beijing thankfully. When hailing a taxi with young children, make sure your pushchair is already collapsed as it will be easier to flag one down.

What To Bring

Two Things to Keep on You at All Times in Beijing
by Lucialaviajera about 5 years ago

Visiting Beijing is an experience all in itself but no matter who you are or where you’re from, there are five things to keep on you at all times. This will greatly help you as you explore the great capital.
Hand Sanitizer:
I must stress that you never go anywhere without this. China’s hygiene levels are something that could be worked on but until then you never want to be without hand sanitizer. Most toilets are the squat type, not the western style, and not many people will wash their hands afterwards. Hand sanitizer can come in a range of sizes so it can be easily stored in a handbag, pocket or backpack.
Anti-sickness medication: authentic Chinese cuisine is a great experience but the memories of a dodgy stomach will ruin it for you. Most restaurant food will be fine but some street food may not agree with you. Keep some anti-sickness medication with you to avoid this.