Mumbai (Bombay), India

What to See

Horniman Circle

Awesome Architecture Tour
by Drdang about 10 years ago
Awesome Architecture Tour

The Bombay Heritage Walk was the most awesome thing I did in Mumbai. These walks were started by a group of women with artsy backgrounds ranging from art history, literature & architecture. I went on the Horniman Circle Route tour and felt like I was reliving history. My tour guide Alisha Sadikot was fabulous. The prices are reasonable too. I joined a group of 3 other backpackers and paid 500 rupees. I highly recommend this heritage walk!

What to Do


What to Eat

Street Food

Order the Cream Chicken Kebab Wrap at This Hole in the Wall
by Hacked By ofırlamaadam about 8 years ago
Order the Cream Chicken Kebab Wrap at This Hole in the Wall

Bademiya's is a hole in the wall in the Coloba district located behind the Taj Hotel on Tulloch Road. They have the best kebabs and veg/non-veg rolls ever? You order your food from the cooks on the streets who have it delivered to your table in a basic, no frills establishment on the opposite side of the street. Excellent grilled food that won't give you the runs. Strongly recommend. Prices range from 100-155 rs.

Getting Around


Getting around in Mumbai
by Sanchit of about 8 years ago
Getting around in Mumbai

The Local trains are the most efficient way of travelling in the city and are dirt cheap. They can be quite crowded during the peak hours ( ie in the morning around 9 and in the evening around 6.30). The taxis on the other hand can be expensive and always take more time.