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Country Overview

Indonesia, the fourth most populated country in the world, is a busy place. Despite the extreme chaos you find in the large cities, there are many places to go that are peaceful, welcoming and stunningly beautiful. Indonesia has many things to offer. From volcanoes, rainforests, hundreds of different languages and cultures, an interesting history, orang-outangs, komodo dragons to some of the wildest party places in South-east Asia. Indonesia is cheap to travel, has great food and some heart-warming friendly people. If you want to avoid crowds, go to less well-travelled places such as Sulawesi or Kalimantan. Or better yet, get on a boat and discover the numerous deserted islands that compromise Indonesia. Get on a plane and fly to the Banda islands for a good hike and some interesting history. Travel, stay a while, volunteer. The possibilities are endless.


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Facts about Indonesia

  • Currency:
  • Rupiah
  • Language:
  • Bahasa Indonesia, English, Dutch, Javanese
  • Electricity:
  • 220 V
  • Calling Code:
  • +62
  • Capital City:
  • Jakarta
  • Famous For:
  • N/A

Stuff to See and Do


What to Do


Discover the beauty of the Togian Islands (Indonesia)
by Cornelius of instagram/onelonell about 7 years ago
Discover the beauty of the Togian Islands (Indonesia)

Have you been to the Great Barrier Reef? Do you want to experience a world of coral that overtakes this reef in terms of beauty and diversity? You might want to go to the Togian Islands, located near the southern tip and the main body of the island of Sulawesi. Crystal clear water combined with a stay in cabins on a small island surrounded by some of the world's finest coral reefs in near complete isolation from the well trodden tourist attractions is definitely worth the trouble of getting there. For example, on the island of Bomba, in exchange for 15$ per night/per person you receive three meals a day and unlimited snorkel and/or diving fun! Getting there requires you either take a private boat from Poso or a ferry from Gorontalo. These boats don't leave every day, so make sure you are well informed when planning this trip. Don't forget to bring enough cash as there is no ATM or credit card facility. In addition, there is only electricity for a couple of hours at night.

What to Eat

Suggested Itineraries

1 To 2 Weeks

Do It All
by Mattfromtexas about 7 years ago

Sit and talk to random local people and enjoy the random experiences. After all isn't that why you left home in the first place?

Go crazy and stay in a nice Bali hotel, have a massage, visit a spiritual retreat, surf, visit a National Park, go scuba diving. The list goes on and on. Enjoy your stay in Indonesia as much as you can, you don't know when you will have another opportunity like that.

General Advice

Stuff to Know

Where to go in Indonesia?
by Cornelius of instagram/onelonell about 7 years ago

Indonesia is huge. Moreover, there are about 18000 islands that make up the country. A question one might ask is, where to go? This of course depends upon the wishes of the travellers. Here are some tips that might guide your way.

- For a long party, go to Kuta beach in Bali. Both rich and those on a budget will find a suitable way to get drunk, and find whatever it is they are looking for.

- For Hindu culture, Bali is also the place to go. Check out Ubud for a more "alternative" atmosphere and as a great base to explore the surrounding area. For a very special culture, go see a traditional funeral with the Toraja people around Rantepao in Sulawesi.

- For the divers: Bunaken island at the tip of Sulawesi is well known as one of the best dive-spots in the world.

- To see wildlife: orang-outangs can be found on Sumatra and Kalimantan. For Komodo dragons, go to Flores and charter a boat.

- Just roll a dice and see where you go. It's hard to be disappointed.

What To Bring

Ultimate travel tips to soak up and enjoy the culture.
by Time2seetheworld about 8 years ago

The best travel tip I feel I can give, is to travel alone at some stage. Once you are alone in a country with nothing but a bag full of cloths, a few random experiences that you never expected to have, you will gain a yearning for something more. You realise what you want.

Bring electronics, like an iPod or small laptop and camera, just because some guy said "it won't be a real experience with the contraints of modern man". You will realise how wrong that guy is when you are on an 20 seater over night bus with 30 snoring locals aboard.

Pack light, a bit of a cliche but you will hate having to throw out your nice jeans because it hasn't dipped below 30 degrees in over 6 months. Anything that you want or need you will be able to find, although RayBun and The Nork Face won't last as long, they should get the job done.

Sit and talk to random local people and enjoy the random experiences. After all isn't that why you left home in the first place?