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How to get and pay Becak
by Handisetyadi about 9 years ago
How to get and pay Becak

Actually, Becak is not only in Yogyakarta (Jogja). You might found it in Solo and Medan as well. No regrets to try this traditional transportation but most of them do not know how to speak English.

You can get Becak in everywhere like hotel, museum, park, Malioboro even Mall. Just pick one of them that you think its nice for you. Once you pick them just say "Pak, becak" (Pronounced likely Puk, bechak) then tell them your destinantion like Malioboro or else. Once you tell them they will lift up the Becak a bit to make you easier get in.

Once you get in your destinantion pay them. Usually we pay from Rp. 10,000-20,000/person. But if he brought you so far you should consider to give more

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So Affordable
by Kelly of coyotepistol.weebly.com about 9 years ago

We got an apartment for a month 900,000 rupiah. This was in an artist house including private room, with an outdoor shower and garden, large bed, and plenty of hang out space. Pretty good buffets with authentic indonesian food for 5,000 rupiah everywhere. Or go to Milas for the most amazing food of you life where a typical dish is 15,000. My personal favorite tropical salad and sweet potato with guacamole. A freshly made juice is typically 5,000. To rent a motor bike a month is 600,000 and the gas couldn't be any cheaper (10,000 to fill and pretty much will last a whole day of riding) There are MANY internet cafes that do 3,000 an hour if you get out of tourist areas. Your money can and will go very far in Jogja/Yogyakarta/Jogjakarta!