Georgetown, Malaysia

What to Eat


Great little restaurant...
Great little restaurant...

We came across a great little restaurant today which is definitely worth a visit...

Ko Chai Lai Vegetarian Restaurant,
77 Lebuh Bishop (opp.UOB bank).

The food was delicious, filling and really cheap. Yes it's vegetarian but you definitely don't lose out on the taste by not having meat (and we are meat-eaters!!) The meals are great, as are the dim sum from the cabinet out the front. I think the most expensive thing on the menu was RM5 so great on a budget!

What made the restaurant even better were the friendly and helpful, and very patient with us when we wanted to know what each thing on the menu was!

Visit if you get a chance!!

Getting Around


Rapid Ticket for unlimited travel on buses
by Yew Kwang of about 6 years ago

If you intend to stay in Penang for a few days and plan to travel a lot by public buses, get the rapid passport travel pass for RM30 which allow unlimited travel on all rapid buses for a week. Pass can be purchased at all bus terminal (Komtar, Weld Quay....) or at visitor centre.
For info, a single bus journey cost between RM1.40 and RM4.

Free Bus
Free Bus

A easy way to travel around Georgetown, especially if you want to avoid walking too much in the heat, is to take the free CAT shuttle bus.
They can be quite busy (as are most of the buses) and sometimes take a while in the traffic, but we definitely found them worthwhile when we just wanted an easy way to get around in the heat of the day! Also- they're all air-conditioned!!
The buses go past most of the 'sights' of the city and you're never really too far from one of the bus stops.

If you pick up a city map, it has the route marked on it!