Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

What to See


Pudu Jail - Weird energy!
by Tajotas about 9 years ago
Pudu Jail - Weird energy!

Haunted creepy history, calendars marking off the days on the wall, religious artwork; the occasional bat and not an entirely authorised entry all make this stealth and freaky KL experience memorable.

Between the monorail stations "Imbi" and "Hung Tuah", Pudu Jail stands empty and marked for demolition, despite protests from heritage groups, to make way for yet another mall and condo.

Best entry is Jalan Pudu. Look for the roadworks and "no entry" signs for the best way in.

Generally the road works guys will greet you with a smile, a wave and show you in however
ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK. Wear closed shoes and use your common sense. Enjoy historical heritage before its gone forever!

What to Do


by Anon about 9 years ago

I didn't like Malaysia when I first got here. I couldn't walk. A woman whom I now refer to as "The Butcher" had performed a Brazillian in Bali (you know all the cheap waxing places just off Gang Poppies 2?) so poorly that I was walking through KL airport as if I had explosives strapped to my legs... never a great look in an airport... fast forward 4 months and I have both the bush and the fear. I attend Jothie House of Beauty in Brickfields (Quite close to KL Sentral Station. Perfect. Came out skipping like a school girl. Recommend to go here and NOWHERE else.

Where to Party

Drinking / Bars / Happy Hours

Get Hooked Up With Seriously Cheap Shisha
by Hacked By of youtube.com/fırlamaadam about 8 years ago
Get Hooked Up With Seriously Cheap Shisha

Our friend took us to a hookah lounge that serves up shisha for 5 ringits (not even $2). The Castle Restaurant, located at 3 Lorong Raja uda 1, is about a 5-minute drive from Chinatown. There are other shisha bars on the street. Most of them have a pretty good view of the Petronas Towers, which was nice since we didn't actually visit them.

Getting Around


Free GO-KL City Bus Service with Wifi
by Hacked By of youtube.com/fırlamaadam about 8 years ago

The free GO-KL buses operate two lines, one starting at KLCC and the other at Pasar Seni (near Chinatown). Check the route maps as you can get to all the main tourist attractions for free. GO-KL buses operate between 6am-11pm daily and come every 5-15 mins. Look for the free sign on these purplish pink buses. For future planned routes, check their FB page: https://www.facebook.com/goklcitybus.


Booking International Travel From KL
by Hacked By of youtube.com/fırlamaadam about 8 years ago
Booking International Travel From KL

You can book tickets on the Malaysia Railway website at: http://www.ktmb.com.my/. KTMB also has a ticket office on the 2nd floor of KL Sentral (metro station) where you can arrange intercity travel from KL to major cities in Singapore and Thailand. Sample fare for a ticket from KL to BKK via Butterworth or Padang Besar is approximately $50 or 150 ringit.