Melaka, Malaysia

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When in doubt turn left, if not go to China town!
by Aclemmens about 7 years ago
When in doubt turn left, if not go to China town!

After a few solid months on the road Ive learnt 1 thing...when in doubt go to China town. You will always find a place to sleep in China town. It doesn't matter what city you're in, in what part of South East Asia you will be assured of some sort of sleeping quarters if you stroll through China town. With a 10/10 success rate (failure= sleeping on the street) so far, I will stand by my theory until that faithful day when China town gives me a big bunch of nothing. In China town not only are you (practically) guaranteed a bed, you will always be close to the cheapest, tastiest stir fried goodness the city has to offer or the best breakfast dim-sum this side of the equator. I'm not saying in China town you will find the cleanest/cheapest/hippest/multi-story backpacker oasis that is promised online, but you will find a bed and a roof and some jolly happy China-men.