Seoul, South Korea

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Chonggyechon River

People watching on the Chonggyechon River
by Hacked By ofırlamaadam about 9 years ago
People watching on the Chonggyechon River

Koreans are fashion-conscious which makes for great people watching. While there are plenty of places to people watch in the capital, I recommend doing this along the Chonggyechon River, where couples and friends meet to eat, catch up or just relax. Pick a good spot and let the rushing cold waters of the Chonggyechon River massage and repair your tired, overworked backpacker feet. Very relaxing!

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Guided travel groups and English speaking friends in Korea
by Christopher of about 8 years ago
Guided travel groups and English speaking friends in Korea

Sometimes, it's a pain the ass to get around in Korea. This article should relieve your headache and help you make some new friends. Here are the links to three different groups on facebook. They have many weekly tours which are usually filled up by the huge ex-pat community in South Korea. The tour guides speak English and arrange transportation and logistics (thank goodness). Rates are reasonable but accommodations are not always top notch--you may be sleeping on a small mat on the floor with roommates some weekends. But, these tours are a great way to make new friends who live throughout South Korea and experience some of the different cultural sights and Korea's famous festivals throughout the country. Enjoy.

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(Picture: Me with some new friends I met on a trip with WinK to Namhae)