Koh Tao, Thailand

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What to Do

Scuba Diving

Dive With Bull Sharks
by Rspedro about 8 years ago

Go to Sail Rock if you want to dive with bull sharks. Bull sharks used to be residents of the local waters but then inexplicably disappeared about 3 years ago. Two and half months ago, they reappeared. If you're keen on diving with bull sharks, ask to do the Sail Rock dive. Fun dives on the island start at 1000 baht per dive (but are discounted the more dives you do).

Dive with Charm Churee
by Hacked By of youtube.com/fırlamaadam about 8 years ago

If you're considering diving, stop by Dive Charm Churee near Mae Haad and talk to Lorne, who understands the backpacker plight and may be able to offer you a discount. If you go with Charm Churee, dive groups tend to be smaller and more intimate. If Merlin (yes, he is named after the wizard) is still there, ask to go with him. He is fantastic, experienced, and good with adults!!


Snorkel with Sharks
by Mattfromtexas about 8 years ago

Black tip sharks can be seen off Thian Og or Shark Bay but we also found them off Sai Nuan Beach just south of Mae Haad. Black tips don't bite but can get rather large. Either that or we accidentally snorkeled with bull sharks....

Long Boat Snorkeling Tour
by Hacked By of youtube.com/fırlamaadam about 8 years ago
Long Boat Snorkeling Tour

A snorkel tour of the island (regardless of group size) isn't worth it for a boatsman unless he's paid at least 2400 baht. When you negotiate, try to negotiate in terms of total cost for the boat instead of individual prices. Our long boatsman took us to 5 different snorkeling spots, including Nang Yuan Island (not that great but you get to pay an additional 100 baht entrance fee). We went with Mr. Wong, an independent boat operator. You can contact him at 0847442079. Tell him Matt & Tran say hello!

What to Eat


Favorite Restaurants on Koh Tao
by Hacked By of youtube.com/fırlamaadam about 8 years ago
Favorite Restaurants on Koh Tao

Here is our list of favorite restaurants and the dishes they specialize in. In Mae Haad, get your penangs at Na Na's Resto (if you're nice, Na Na may even let you into the kitchen to watch her cook) and your crispy garlic and pepper chicken/pork at Bam Bam's. The best pad si ew is at Pranee's Resto near Anantra Resort. South of Mae Haad, ask our boy Lek at Banana Rock Bar in Sai Nuan Beach for his killer coconut peanut shakes. It's a discouraging 80 baht but absolutely worth the splurge. If you're craving pizza and staing in Sairee Village, Sairee Sairee Resto across the street from 7 Eleven on the main street. The Mexican pizza was really tasty and we're from Texas.

Getting Around


All Boats Arrive in Mae Haad
by Hacked By of youtube.com/fırlamaadam about 8 years ago

All boats service the three piers in Mae Haad. So, if you're not staying in Mae Haad, expect to pay 100 baht per person for the taxi ride--a pickup truck--to either Sairee (north) or Chalok Baan Kao (south).

Responsible Tourism

Water Conservation

Conserve Water
by Hacked By of youtube.com/fırlamaadam about 8 years ago

Occasionally the resorts and guesthouses will run out of water (more likely during high season) so check ahead to make sure there is water on the island. When showering, be mindful that water is scarce and expensive. Do your part to conserve what you can.