Pai, Thailand

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Relax in beautiful Pai!

The most important thing about Pai that you have to know is that it well known as the 'hippy place' in Thailand. Now, I'm not a hippy by any means but that doesn't mean to say you won't enjoy this place!

OK so let's start with a topic that is important to many of us... FOOD!

Pai has some amazing street food. Don't be scared of trying street food even if you've heard the dreaded "Asian street food will make you ill" stories; not true! It is delicious! If the locals are eating it and clearly enjoying it then it's good enough for us travellers, especially as it's so cheap! The Main Street in Pai is lined with vendors willing you to try food from their stall, try as much as possible or even pick something from a few stalls; you won't regret it.

So on a full stomach you may get sleepy so what about accommodation?

There are plenty of hostels in Pai to choose from. We went into a good few hostels and had a look round before deciding where we wanted to stay. Don't be afraid to ask to have a look, this is common and in fact more often than not you're asked if you want to see the room before you agree to stay the night. So check out the room, see if it's what you're after and if it fits your budget, of course most rooms are cheaper than your average! So the next question might be what is there to do in Pai? Well, other than relax at the cool cafes and bars you can and should, visit the Pai canyon at sunset. It's beautiful and offers great photo opportunities. You can also take a trip to the hot pools. If you've been craving a bath after all those months of travelling and having only hot showers then head over here and soak yourself. You can even boil some eggs in the hotter pools if you so wish. You can take taxis to both of the above for pretty cheap and they will wait for you till you want to come back - agree a price before you leave and make sure they wait for you so you're not stranded! You can also hire scooters easily if you want to brave the Thai roads. Lastly, for the shopaholics there's plenty of markets where you can buy your elephant pants, Chang tops and other souvenirs and you'll never get bored of looking at what the markets have. Pai is a very cool place where you can expect to slip into relaxed mode as soon as you arrive. It's miles away from the hectic city of Bangkok, in every sense of the word.