Phi Phi, Thailand

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Maya Bay - without the other tourists

Maya Bay is famously known to be the location of the film 'The Beach' and therefore a very popular tourist spot to visit. Everyone wants to see the beautiful island, swim in the clear waters and most of all walk where Leonardo DiCaprio once did.

However, the spot gets very busy in the day time with boats waiting just off the shore for their turn to grace the sands of Maya Bay. You may not be able to get the picture that is used to advertise a beautiful day trip to the island as every other traveller will be wanting to do the same.

We heard this tale and this put us off as we didn't want to be disappointed but then we were offered the perfect solution; Maya Bay sleep aboard trip!

You set sail from Phi Phi in the afternoon an arrive to Maya Bay as every other boat and everyone else is leaving. You're lucky enough to see Maya Bay with the people only from your boat, which is not that many, and enjoy your time peacefully as you watch the sun go down.

You'll enjoy some songs, an amazing BBQ, some drinks and if you like a beach party. If not you're free to explore the island as you wish and watch the beautiful stars. You can have a late night swim and, if in the right season, swim amongst the glowing plankton.

You head back to the boat just before midnight and you're woken early morning to head back to the beach for sunrise, again capturing the islands beauty with just a few friends.

This really is the only way to see Maya Bay! Amazing trip that I would 100% recommend as not only will you see the beauty of the island, you'll mix with some great people, including the staff and have an amazing time! Here's the link to check it out!!sleep-aboard/ckqh


"The Beach" at Phi Phi Ley...Speed Boat or Yacht?
by Chelsea Morgan And of about 9 years ago
"The Beach" at Phi Phi Ley...Speed Boat or Yacht?

Maya Bay, or "The Beach" of the most sought out destinations for backpackers traveling through Koh Phi Phi, Thailand.

However, piling tourists onto a loud overloaded speedboat for a tour of the islands does not sound like an ideal experience.

We were lucky enough to be snoozing on the beach when a Canadian man approached us with an amazing deal to join him on his private yacht to the National Marine Park, Phi Phi Ley.

We were able to bring our music to enjoy with only 2 other couples, lunch and all you can drink Chang beer! He takes you to all the same places and more. Monkey Island, cliff jumping, snorkeling, Kayaking, Maya Bay, teaches you how to fish and sail, and caving if the weather permits! I could go on really is a much nicer and I think cheaper (about 50 bucks) experience. Highlight of Phi Phi.

Captain Bob's Sailing Booze Cruise. You shouldn't have a hard time finding him on the tiny island!

Where to Stay

Runtee Beach

Budget Accommodation in Phi Phi
by Mattfromtexas about 8 years ago
Budget Accommodation in Phi Phi

Runtee Beach is a good option for those who want to get away from the "shit show" near the Phi Phi docks. The beach is kept clean by the awesome staff at Runtee Sunrise Resort. Bungalows can be had for 500 baht (2 people), or if you are more, try to snag the northern-most bungalow that sleeps 5. There are 3 food options on the beach and fire shows at night. The only rub is that it is an hour hike to Tonsai or a 20-minute, 150 baht boat ride back to town. Island tours can be arranged at your resort.