Phu Quoc, Vietnam

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Getting Around


Ferries to Phu Quoc dock at Ham Ninh (East Side)
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From there, you'll be able to catch a mini-bus (15 seater) to Duong Dong and other destinations around the island. Duong Dong is a straight shoot across to the other side of the island, about a 15-minute ride. Bus tickets can be purchased on the ferry for 60,000 dong. As with everything else in Vietnam, booking in advance will only cost you more.


Taxi Service in Phu Quoc
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There are no public buses. So, unless you rent a motorbike, you'll have to hire a taxi to get around the island. A customized trip to the north end of the island costs roughly 700,000 dong ($35) and 500,000 dong ($25) for a tour of the south. Customized trips mean the driver will accompany you for the full day, and the rate is per vehicle. Of the two main competing taxi companies, Mai Linh and SASCO, Mai Linh seems to have more negotiating room, so try them if SASCO won't come down on price. If you decide to explore the island on the back of a motorbike, make sure to bring a hat and sunglasses as the island really heats up during the day. For a map of the island, check out: