Holguin, Cuba

General Advice


by Staceinvaders about 5 years ago

Cuba is one of the most beautiful places you could ever imagine. The landscape is breath taking. Rent a scooter (very cheap, about $5 US/day) and take it all in & meet some locals. We stopped and talked to everyone who spoke to us, which included a prostitute & her 7 kids & then we went into an older couples home and had coffee! (best coffee EVER). All activities were cheap. Most expensive being a catamaran trip to snorkel & swim with dolphins (see picture), w/ lobster dinner and drinks included $40 US. All locals encountered loved talking about their Country, most of whom speak English and even those that don't are easy to understand, which was a great way to learn more. No matter what you think of Cuba, I'm sure you're wrong. Give it a chance, you wont regret it.