San Juan, Puerto Rico

Where to Stay


San Juan International Hostel to Fajardo
by Rspedro about 9 years ago
San Juan International Hostel to Fajardo

If you want to stay in a hostel in San Juan there's only one, and it's in the old neighborhood of Santurce. From there it's a 15 minute walk to the beach area of Condado. You have to book a reservation through The dorm beds are $20 per person. The place is fairly new and the amenities include wifi and a fan for your bed. It's a decent place and the owner is nice and will give you his cell phone if you need any advice or tips for your trip. You can take the M1 or M3 bus just about anywhere in town from the bus stops on Ave Juan Ponce De Leon about 3 blocks north. The bus costs 50 cents to $1.00. Have exact change.

What to Eat


Food in San Juan!
by Nicostrong about 7 years ago

San Juan will surprise you with all the amazing food even outside the main touristy expensive restaurants. There's amazing Puerto Rican food everywhere! What's nice is most of the touristy restaurants are extremely authentic just a bit pricey. Unassuming Puerto Rican eateries will always impress. If you don't know anything about the cuisine...even better! But my tip is don't limit yourself to only Puerto Rican food! San Juan has got some really impressive sushi (Tayzan [sweet plaintain sushi!] & J Taste [volcano roll], Turkish food (Istanbul Restaurant), burger places (Cocina Urbana's salmon burger! yumm), pizza (Pirilo...try the chimichurri one), and vegetarian friendly food (Abracadabra).

Getting Around


San Juan to Fajardo
by Rspedro about 9 years ago

Publicos in PR are not reliable and have no set time. They are basically vans that sell seats and when the seats fill up they leave and make many stops on the way. Each seat costs $6~$8 bucks a person. We wanted to make the 9am ferry so we bought all the seats for $40 and the driver dropped us at the terminal.