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Grenadines from Grenada
by Odailey about 8 years ago
Grenadines from Grenada

I just captained a Bavaria 45' from the south coast of Grenada and sailed in to St. Vincent and the Grenadines visiting some of the best Caribbean beaches and idyllic tropical scenes. I truly believe in immersing one's self in their new destination's environment and that cannot be achieved better than on a boat. It is like camping on the water with some necessary conveniences provided. We saw the Tobago Cays which are some of the remaining healthy reefs in the Caribbean. Other 'must go' places were Petit St. Vincent, Chatham Bay, Salt Whistle Bay, Sandy Island off Carriacou. Look for cabin charters if chartering is too much $. Otherwise get a group together to reduce the charter fee and fly through St. Vincent so that the customs procedures don't take up your precious time. Custom provision for only 3-4 days of a 7 day charter- there is food available everywhere and the locals offer everything else you may need. Consant wind brings clear skies. Persistent 84 degreess. Perfect weather.