Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica

Where to Stay


BEST Hostel in Manuel Antonio or Quepos !
by Loveisforeveryone about 9 years ago

Vista Serena will change your standard for all future hostel experiences. All of the people there want you only to relax and enjoy yourself, and they embrace the true meaning of "Pura Vida". The fish tacos are mouthwatering and truly exceptional. There are also plenty of other breakfast and dinner options and you are welcome to cook your own food as well. The iguanas scurry, the birds show themselves regularly, and occasionally the nearby cows and goats (which you never hear) come up close. The view and sunset are astonishing and probably the best for miles. This place attracts travelers that may become your great friends. You can walk to a fairly private small beach, several restaurants, and a trip to the big beach or to Quepos for the supermarket or farmers market is just fifty cents American or 250 colones. I stayed for two weeks and was welcome to stay longer. In fact, I know I'll be back there sooner or later. Be careful, you might get stuck there ! :-)

What to Eat


El Avion - Cool restaurant/bar; expect to spend some money here
by Hacked By ofırlamaadam about 9 years ago
El Avion - Cool restaurant/bar; expect to spend some money here

Food is just expensive in Manuel Antonio. You might as well get a good sunset out of it. El Avion, a C-123 cargo plane, sits on top a cliff overlooking the Pacific Ocean and surrounding forests. The plane itself was involved in the Iran-Contra fiasco of the 1980s. Interesting piece of history to ponder over while you take in the views below. The fuselage, now a bar, is admittedly a pretty cool place to hang out and have a drink.

What to Avoid

Rip Tides

How to Spot a Rip Tide
by Mattfromtexas about 10 years ago

Manuel Antonio was the first place that I ever saw a riptide first hand. It was pretty scary. It looks like a river is running from a section of the beach out through the surf. The waves in this 'river' do not form or crash the way they do on the rest of the beach, the water is not as clear or blue, but chalky and muddy looking, and there are no locals anywhere near it! We witnessed a handful of riptides that day in Manuel Antonio. Be careful!