Penas Blancas, Costa Rica

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Border Crossing from Costa Rica to Nicaragua
by Kluft about 10 years ago
Border Crossing from Costa Rica to Nicaragua

From San Jose take a public bus to Liberia, then take one to Penas Blancas (border town). Costa Rica customs charges no fees but requires customs forms. Try to avoid the currency exchange people. After received stamp walk ~500m - 1km down the road to the Nicaragua border. Police will likely ask to check your bag. The Nica check-in is in a white building down on the right. It is 7$ to enter and 2$ to leave Nica and customs form needed. Once paid go back out and across the road and enter the gated area where the local buses leave from. They charge 1$ to get into this area. Tica bus is also available from SJ or Liberia or Managua and will walk you through the process if you travel with them.