Sixaola, Costa Rica

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Border Crossings


Tourist sticker
by Kokko about 9 years ago

Ok, I'm going to leave the choice to you but give you the info I have to help make the choice. First, you read of border scam warnings on the Costa Rica side of the border. Second, you walk across the bridge and stop at immigration. Notice the official government ID tag around person's neck. He stamps your passport, giving you way for entry. The next guy in plain clothes with no ID directs you into another room and asks for a $3 entry fee for a sticker. No receipt. He doesn't have a visible government ID, only a badge on the belt meant to look like a police badge. There is nothing on the walls either to back up its official role. The stickers are poorley printed and cut crooked. This seems a lil funny, too, that only tourists have to pay. No ticas buy this. The next man will probably tell you the road is closed and to take a collectivo. Ignore all of this and walk downstairs and one block to catch the bus. I left the county and no need for a sticker. Just another grab from rich tourist pockets.

Sixaola and Guabito Border Crossing
by Kluft about 2020 years ago
Sixaola and Guabito Border Crossing

This is a relatively simple but scary looking crossing. First on CR side go to immigration office that says exit/salida to get exit stamp (free but need customs form). Then cross border via long old bridge. On the Panama side the entry booth is on the left hand side. Wait in line to get stamp and then go inside to the office in the connected second building to pay 3$ entry and will be given token. Technically it should only be one dollar for a sticker but Guabito apparently has their own rules. After you are free to go and board the minibus toward Changuinola (every 20 min). Dont forget panama is one hour ahead of the rest of Central America. (photo taken from panama side)

The longest bridge in the world is between Costa Rica and Panama
by Hacked By ofırlamaadam about 10 years ago
The longest bridge in the world is between Costa Rica and Panama

It might not be the longest bridge in the world, but it certainly felt that way. Crossing from Sixaolo into Gaubito, Panama will require you to put foot before foot over sparsely-placed wooden planks across this old, rickety bridge. Just walk fast and it will be over soon enough! Once you check out with customs, cross the bridge, and get your entry stamp, prepare to deal with some incredibly untrustworthy hawkers, who will tell you the cost to Almirante is 10x what it actually is. If you have several people with you, consider taking a taxi.