La Hachadura, El Salvador

Border Crossings


Sticklers for the CA-4
by Anon about 8 years ago

Be warned that El Salvador immigration are sticklers for checking your CA-4 visa (90 days from your last entry into the CA-4 region of Nicaragua, Guatemala, Honduras, or El Salvador). As we found out when we were denied entry at the border (after exiting Guatemala with no problem), it doesn't matter if another CA-4 country gave you more time. We were given 90 days in Guatemala, independent of the CA-4, when we crossed from Honduras. For El Salvador, it's only the CA-4 visa that matters.
We were told we had to either fly out El Salvador that day or pay $114 for a special 5-day permission to be in the CA-4 region so we could travel through by bus. We figured the fee was likely extortion, and didn't want to pay extra to haul ass and then have to retrace our steps anyway. We opted to turn around, travel through Guatemala (which had no problems with us returning and no fees!) to Mexico, where we stayed over 3 days (72 hrs) so that when we returned El Salvador would let us in.

Border crossing at La Hachadura/Ciudad Pedro de Alvarado
by Hacked By ofırlamaadam about 8 years ago

Fairly straightforward border crossing. Coming from El Salvador, you'll need to hire a pedi-cab for $1 pp to take you to immigration. Note that El Salvador neither stamps your passport on arrival or exit, and there is no exit fee. Since the pedi-cab driver was still on the clock, he lead up to the front of the line, where the Guanacos who had been waiting looked on and frowned. From there, you will cross a bridge and be handed off to another pedi-cab driver, who will take you to Guatemalan immigration for Q5. After getting your passport stamped, you will be able to catch a bus to Guatemala City or Antigua.