San Salvador, El Salvador

What to See

El Boqueron National Park

El Boqueron National Park
by San about 9 years ago

You can plan a great one day trip to National Park which itís located in the crater of Volcano named El Boqueron. You can hike the trails around the lookout points which are about 5km but you can shorten your hike any time you want at the exit points. There are also lots of resting areas along the way and you can take lots of amazing photos.
You can visit the Park everyday from 8am to 5pm and admission is $1.00 (free for children under 8 and seniors). If you're going by car, parking is also $1.00. Don't miss a chance to see it. It's a really beautiful and a must-see attraction. I went by car so I don't know how the public transportation works. The roads were good and it's a very popular destination to go to so there should be regular buses going there.

Getting Around


The one thing few realize upon arrival to El Salvador...
by Nicole of about 8 years ago

The international airport, although labeled "San Salvador International Airport" (SAL) is NOT in San Salvador. It is actually 45 minutes from the city, on the beach. It is actually closer to get from the airport to the beach than it is to get from the airport to the city it's named after! Too many times, backpackers come into the airport, drive the 45 minutes to the city, and then take another taxi to the beach, another 45 minute drive, for a total of 1.5 hours of driving for a trip that takes less than 30 minutes (depending on which beach you're going to!)

It also doesn't help that google maps lists SAL as being the Ilopango airport (the old one, that's right outside of the city.)