Chichicastenango, Guatemala

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Getting to Chichicastenango... the largest markets in Central America
by Chelsea Morgan And of about 6 years ago
Getting to Chichicastenango... the largest markets in Central America

Every Thursday and Sunday thousands flock to experience Central America's largest markets in Chichicastenango.

The closest tourist town to Chichi is Panajachel at Lake Atitlan. For an easy comfortable ride, take a tourist shuttle roundtrip for $12 US (ripoff!!) which is about 90-100Q.

For the super budget traveler, or experience seeker, take the local chicken bus. For 5Q you can take a bus from Pana to Los Encuentros, where you are quickly shuffled along to the next bus to Chichi..again for 5Q. There will be no mistake if you're on the right bus because it will be PACKED! I thought 3 people to one seat was a lot, but I actually saw a family of 7 on one seat!!

They drop you off right at the market entrance, and that's it! SIMPLE, fun and definitely worth the 1 and a half hour ride. For less that $3 US (compared to $12) you can get from Panajachel to Chichi roundtrip on your own, and experience the true way to travel in Guatemala.