Flores, Guatemala

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Flores, Guatemala (with details of language course)
by Kayt of glasgowgirlgoesforth.blogspot.com about 8 years ago

Flores is BEAUTIFUL. A tiny insland it plays host to lots of little hostels. I stayed at the Dona Goya 1, a great palce and cheap at only 35Q a night; less than $5. From here you can take trips to the Mayan ruins at TIkal. Ask around at the shops for the best deal but don't pay more than 130Q for a trip, with guide. Food wise the island can be quite expensive but there's a great Italian opposite Dona Goya 2 that does two for one pasta dishes as well as two for one cocktails.
I left Flores and took a bus to nearby San Andres where I did an intensive language course with a homestay. Seven days accomodation/food and 25hrs one-to-one tuition cost me $150. I learned a lot during this week and would thoroughly recommend it. The driver of the bus to San Andres can drop you off directly at the Eco-Escuela; it's right on the lake.

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Getting from Cayo, Belize to Flores, Guatemala
by Amanda of Vayaconmigo.tumblr.com about 8 years ago

There's a bus that runs from the town center in San Ignancio that goes to the border town, Benque. The cost is $1.50Belize and takes about an hour. There are no buses that leave directly from San Ignacio to Benque, you have to wait for the bus that comes from Dangriga, and the earliest bus is around 8AM. From there the Guatemala border is only 2.5km away. I had heard taxis cost $20belize so I chose to walk, and since it was early in the morning, it wasn't that bad (about 30minutes.) At the Belize border you pay a $37.50Belize exit fee, and a 20Q entry fee in Guatemala. To get to Flores I paid a collectivo bus 30Q. I had gotten some bad information in Belize that buses in Guatemala would accept US currency. Nope. Luckily the van I was in let it slide, but I imagine if you're not so lucky you'd really need quetzales. The ride is cramped and long (about 2 hours). Once at the bus station in Santa Elena get a tuk tuk (Moto-cab) to get you a ride for 5Q to your hotel.