Santa Cruz La Laguna, Guatemala

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Support Local CECAP Students in Santa Cruz
by Mattfromtexas about 9 years ago
Support Local CECAP Students in Santa Cruz

CECAP is a vocational school in Santa Cruz where local kids are taught restaurant service, culinary preparation, management, sewing, and a handful of other skills that help them get ahead in Guatemala's challenging economy. The school is setup where the students attend a multi-year program, then as a condition of graduating, they stay behind an extra year to help operate the school. They have a small restaurant attached to the school that serves meals, desserts, and coffee to the public. To get there, catch a tuk-tuk or pick up truck to the main square of Santa Cruz. Adjacent to the soccer field/basketball court is a yellow 3-story building overlooking the lake. This is the school. Look for the name CECAP or ask anyone in town. Find out more at