Santiago La Laguna, Guatemala

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What to See


Visit Maximon on Your Own - No Tour Guide Necessary
by Mattfromtexas about 9 years ago
Visit Maximon on Your Own - No Tour Guide Necessary

Get to Santiago via "lancha publico". They are cheaper than private boats on the lake and have fixed prices. Upon arrival at the Santiago dock, you will be mauled by a sea of kids and tuk-tuk drivers wanting to take you on a tour consisting of the market, main square, church, and Maximon. Ignore all of them and head uphill on your own. The road will curve uphill to the right and will be lined with dozens of handicraft shops. If you ever fear you are headed in the wrong direction, just ask where the 'mercado' is. Once you get to the market, check it out, then ask where 'parque central' is... then ask for the 'igelsia'. Next, flag down a tuk-tuk driver and ask him to take you to see Maximon. The rate should not be more than Q10 per person each way. Maximon moves around each year, but will always be located in someone's house, so don't be surprised when you are taken to a sketchy looking pedestrian road in a poor neighborhood. Have your driver wait while you go pay your respects.