La Ceiba, Honduras

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Zip Lining

Zip Lining in Honduras
by Iain of about 8 years ago

One of the best activities in Honduras is zip lining near La Ceiba in a small village called Sambo Creek. Zip line down a mountain on 18 platforms, have a massage and spent the afternoon in hot springs for $50.

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Traveling from Utila to La Ceiba
by Eric of about 8 years ago
Traveling from Utila to La Ceiba

Say you have to make a timely departure from the island of Utila, but oh no! There's a bit of a wind ablowin' off the coast. The ferry isn't running. Quick, run to the Bay Island College of Diving, where the Whale Shark Center is. Inside you can book a clandestine, last minute Cesna charter. Pay in cash, with not so much as a library card as ID, give a fake name if you like. I sure did. 800 Lempira gets you your private charter to Golson International.

I crashed in the part of town they call "the Isla" (not an island), at the Hotel El Estadio, just a bit north east of the ferry dock. (Nice Place to stay).

I wanted to score a hammock and some Copan coffee, but walking around I discovered vast markets in which they sell infinite quantities of shoes, and....nothing else. You will find appliance stores, with guards armed with semi automatic shotguns, or thrift stores with an armory of Soviet era surplus rifles.

The mangoes are sweet though. And so are the people, in the daytime.

Getting Around


Tegus-La Ceiba Bus Takes 6 Hrs, Costs 239 lemps ($12)
by Hacked By ofırlamaadam about 9 years ago
Tegus-La Ceiba Bus Takes 6 Hrs, Costs 239 lemps ($12)

You won't have a problem finding a bus to take you direct from Tegus to La Ceiba. We went with a company called Kamaldy, which departed at 3:30pm and arrived in La Ceiba around 10:30pm. The 6-hour bus ride cost 239 lemps ($12) per person. The bus didn't really make any stops but did stop at a surprisingly fancy restaurant for dinner.


La Ceiba Taxis Charge Per Person....Always
by Mattfromtexas about 9 years ago

It took us awhile to get over this fact, but the taxi drivers in La Ceiba all charge per person rates. You might be able to get a discount if you have 4 people, but otherwise, plan on paying up! Within the city, we paid 20 HLP per person during the day and 30 HLP pp at night. To get to the Utila Princess ferry docks, it cost 50 HLP per person.