Tegucigalpa, Honduras

Where to Stay

Colonia Palmira

Hotel Guadalupe 2 - Privates 430 lemps ($21.50)
by Hacked By of youtube.com/f─▒rlamaadam about 9 years ago

The Hotel Guadalupe 2 is what I would picture North Korean hotels would be like--spotless with plain concrete walls and solid construction. This is a popular choice for American Peace Corps volunteers who are visiting the capital and looking for a safe place to stay. Expect a basic room with hot water and free internet. There are plenty of restos nearby where you can fill up on burgers and pizza. My only complaint is the noise and pollution, which are surprisingly present in the early AM. Tell your taxi driver to take you to 1a Calle in Colonia Palmira. The ride from the bus station should cost you about 80 lemps ($4). Call ahead at +504 238 5009 to make a reservation.

Getting Around


Bus Connections in Tegucigalpa
by Mattfromtexas about 9 years ago
Bus Connections in Tegucigalpa

For whatever reason, the bus companies in Tegucigalpa each maintain their own office away from a central terminal. If you are arriving in Tegucigalpa by bus and expecting to immediately catch another bus to La Ceiba, San Pedro Sula, or Copan, then you need to let the bus driver know where you want to go, and if possible, what bus company you plan on using. The bus companies are all in a general area, and most bus drivers will drop you at the bus company you request, so long as they know to do so. So tell them where you want to be let off. To get to La Ceiba, we took a Kamaldy bus for 239 HLP leaving at 3:30pm. To get to San Pedro Sula, we took a Mirna bus for 110 HLP that leaves daily at 6:30am and 10am. To get to Copan, the most economical way is to change buses in San Pedro Sula.