El Guasaule, Nicaragua

Border Crossings


Nicaragua doesn't uphold the CA-4 visa
by Anon about 9 years ago

Though you're not meant to be charged for border crossings when traveling between Nicaragua, El Salvador, Guatemala, or Honduras on the 90-day CA-4 visa, we were charged $12 each and given a 30-day tourist card. (Supposedly stamps, fees, and cards are not necessary when traveling on a CA-4 visa, since you're supposed to have 90 days for all 4 countries from the last time you entered the region!)

Get a Photo with Your Pedicab Driver for Extra Security
by Mattfromtexas about 9 years ago

At the Nicaragua exit station, you will need to go into the immigration building to get your exit stamp. If you're a paranoid traveler like me, and you get uneasy leaving your bags with your pedicab driver, then here's a tip. Act like a tourist and take a reverse photo of you in your pedicab with your driver in the background. Get him to smile and be in it with you so he knows you are getting his photo. Now, if he takes off with your stuff or whatever, you have his photo to track him down. You will need to keep your camera with you though... obviously.

Cross the Border in a Petty Cab
by Hacked By of youtube.com/fırlamaadam about 9 years ago
Cross the Border in a Petty Cab

El Guasaule is the southernmost border crossing between Nicaragua and Honduras. As soon as your bus arrives, petty cab drivers will swarm the bus asking to take you across the border. As aggressive as they were, and as much as we wanted to say no, we ended up taking one. Jose took us to get our exit stamp (exit tax is 45 cords) and then to get our entry stamp (entry fee is 60 lemps). He even cut in line for us. We ended up tipping him 80 cords and a beanie baby, which he seemed to be happy with. You'll be able to exchange money on either side of the border. The rate we got was shit but maybe you'll do better.