Granada, Nicaragua

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What to See

Mirador De Santa Catarina

View point Santa Catarina / Pueblos Blancos
by Caro about 9 years ago

To get from Granada to Santa Catarina is not a big deal, just catch a bus at the bus station behind the market area. The view over the Laguna de Apoyo is nice but the spot is way too touristic with people that want to sell you stuff like ceramics, necklaces and so on.

What to Do

Island Hopping

Christmas on Granada's Isletas
by Hacked By ofırlamaadam about 10 years ago
Christmas on Granada's Isletas

If you're going to be in Granada for Christmas, make sure to sign up for the Granada Isletas Tour, which is offered year round but is especially nice during the holiday season. The boat tour will take you to see inhabited isletas on Lake Nicaragua. Since our tour left on Christmas Day, our guide made sure to bring enough toys for kids on several of the islands. We were lucky to get to participate and even brought some of our own toys once we found out about this tradition. Lovely tour and a great opportunity to give back.

Where to Stay

Central - Old Town

Great experience would do it again.
by Kokko about 9 years ago

La casita hostel. Good staff, great location, quite and cheap. One draw back! Don't stay in private room #4 here's why. First off it situated between a bathroom and the outside patio area. For some reason it is a little hotter inside even with a fan it still warm air. The window that is to the outside has a screen but no means of keeping the chatting guest voices out or the cigarette smoke. The bathroom window is boarded off but if some one wants a late shower you still hear the noise and a lil light comes in. All things aside I would stay here again on my next visit, just never again in room #4

Top Accomodations in Granada
by Kluft about 10 years ago

The most popular hostel in Granada is Oasis ( This hostel has an extremely comfortable feel despite its large size. It has a nice pool and several free computers with dorm rooms starting at 8$. It also has a day trip / transportation to Laguna de Apoyo (another must-do getaway). Found in a prime location the best way to find it is to use the map on their website and look for the blue signs plastered on street poles. If the Oasis is full the Bearded Monkey ( or the Hospedaje Central ( are cheap and popular alternatives.