Jiquillilo, Nicaragua

What to Eat


making it cheap and meaningful.
by Tayloramiller about 8 years ago

Just recently I arrived back from Nicaragua, which is a common destination, but no matter where you travel you can make it your own and experience the country to its fullest. I had the opportunity to learn spanish in a small village with just 30 families in the North called Largartillo. I payed them (teachers, family) 160 us dollars a week to have a place to stay, food, live with an incredible family, and take spanish classes for 4 hours a day, while also working on a community garden and just helping out. It was something so different then just taking spanish classes in a city. When i left i headed to Jiquillilo. My village experience really changed how i went about traveling.Jiquillo has tourists, but its very easy to have a local experience. While traveling don't be affraid to get to know locals. I would pay a local family there to feed me and it was much cheaper. Making your own food and helping people out will give you a direct link to the community and a cultural experience.