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Nice introduction to Ngobe community; home-stay possible
by Hacked By ofırlamaadam about 9 years ago
Nice introduction to Ngobe community; home-stay possible

Cacao-based products produced by the Ngobe Indians are actually exported to Switzerland, which explains why the chocolate we tried was so good. The tour includes a hike (somewhat strenuous) through cacao farms to a tasting area where the beans are roasted over an open fire and then ground into a thick pudding for you to try. Lunch, which is included in the $30, was delicious and hearty. The Rio Oeste Arriba community, not too far from Almirante, is not as traditional as other Ngobe communities (our guide did not speak Ngobe and women in the community do not wear the traditional dress, except during the tour), but it is definitely worth a visit. Home-stays are possible though not advertised. Inquire with Samuel.